Thursday, 15 January 2009

New year's resolution number 1: Break in my new navy blue vintage Ferragamo pumps. Yay!

New year's resolution number 2: Start a blog.

... & so that's how we got here.

So i figured, why don't I write about the things that I know, and the things that I like, & then share it with anyone who cares to listen (read: read)?

Things I know:
Well, I have a master's degree in anthropology, so I know some vague things about Levi-Strauss, Bourdieu, and have read endless studies by the magnificent Emille Durkheim (having studied sociology since I was 16).. & I know about food, since what is life without food? So I like cooking, checking out new cake recipes ( is a great site), and also finding out what's new in the realm of healthy eating & living...& then I know about fashion. I can't live without my American Vogue on a monthly basis (seriously, I become physically malnourished without it), but I also check out British Vogue, occasionally Paris and Deutsche Vogue, & have recently been spotted buying Indian Vogue...

Things I like:
- coffee
- chocolate
- meringues
- home-made bread (only when I'm visiting my parents: i haven't gotten around to baking my own yet)
- Balenciaga (not that I can afford his stuff. Yet.)
- Ferragamo pumps
- going running
- Ray Bans
- most French films with Kristen Scott Thomas that I've seen so far
- Tom Cruise before he became a weirdo (circa 1995 and prior)
- red jeans
- skinny jeans
- boyfriend jeans

Okay, so that's just the beginning. Hope you like the site!

NB. "
Why Don’t You… wear violet velvet mittens with everything?" The quote that inspired the name of the site. Diana Vreeland, arbiter of style. Rest in Peace.

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