Friday, 16 January 2009

How to look like a stylishly seasoned traveller

I Dream of Wool & Cashmere Harmonies

A scarf/pashmina is an absolute must for the airport & plane trip. Try and ignore the tempting silken scarves or the lighter cashmere threads because these crease very easily. Best bet is 100% wool (make sure it’s not too itchy-scratchy) as it’s very dense & will actually keep you warm rather than just adorned.


Do not wear heels unless you’re aiming to blag a first-class upgrade. (In which case, make them a requisite). Soft shoes that will fit in your handbag give out Rich Girl’s attitude of I Have So Many Shoes At Home Anyway, I Just Threw On Some Comfortable Shoes For Flying Because I Don’t Need To Draw Attention To Myself. Or something to that effect. Check out some sites that actually sell the proper professional ballet pumps. They are incredibly cheap, and come in some great neutral colours, as well as reds and blues. The ones below are from French Sole, £70, and centre/right, from Only £12 a pop.

Who’s That Girl?

In a vain attempt to hide from prying cameras, stylistas will always whack on some fantastically huge sunglasses. This actually draws attention to the wearer, since the outsize proportions fascinate the mignons who are the stylishly challenged & too afraid to make such a statement. However, huge sunglasses, with the right frames, look ridiculously cool.

Bags of Space

A large hold-all carry-on completes the look. Different airlines have different size restrictions, so check with your carrier, but as a general rule, Heathrow cabin baggage dictates:

  • 56 centimetres tall (22 inches)
  • 45 centimetres wide (17.7 inches)
  • 25 centimetres deep (10 inches)

Go for the biggest bag possible. Even if your purse & mobile phone look a bit lonely in amongst its depths on the way out, you can guarantee you’ll need the extra space on your way back home.

(Kudos to Whitney Port, above, for the cute plane-motif-ed bag!)

Moisturise, Moisturise

Heightened security threats (damn those terrorists) mean that there are limits to the liquids & creams we can now take on board. For a fresh-faced look, cleansing wipes are a must, since as they meet neither the liquid nor the cream category, can be packed in abundance. A small tub of moisturiser however is still vital for the pre-landing beauty routine. Go for an SPF based one, regardless of your destination (hey, climate change hits everyone, everywhere) and apply liberally to compensate for the dehydrating affect of high altitude atmospheres. L’Occitane and Clarins come highly recommended.

Failing all this, secure yourself a private jet (courtesy of Rich Boyfriend or Trust Fund Parentage), & anyone who gets to peek at you through your wall of security/bodyguards will be too in awe of the jet to notice your bedraggled behind.

Lauren Conrad at LAX.

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson at LAX


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Jen Aniston, Rachel Bilson & Kate Hudson pics:

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Whitney Port, Eva Longoria, Rachel Bilson with Hayden Christenson, & Ashley Olsen pics, from

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