Friday, 13 February 2009

Motorcycle Diaries

Blondes have more fun? Really? Is that the best you can come up with? Okay, so maybe it’s more than just hair colour, but I’ve recently been inspired by a bunch of brunettes who play up to their dark roots. It’s a sort of posh grunge, biker-ready but with a limousine & driver handy just in case. The new 90210 miniseries revival boasts a big dose of preppyness with the plaid-brigade, but the character Silver, played by Jessica Stroup, injects a breath of fresh air, albeit the sort probably infused with cigarette smoke from teenage rebels.

The pieces needed to create this devil-may-care persona must, if not be black, then somehow embody it. At the same time, a cheeky sex-appeal must come through. Not too overt (forget cleavage), but not a nuance so subtle it’s hard to identify: a bit of leg seems the easiest way to approach this, especially when, with Jessica’s lead, you pair with a zippered jacket up top (leather, natch, for biker appeal).

Audrina Patridge, of The Hills “fame”, is forever seen on the backseat of a bike with on again/off again beau Justin-Bobby, so she needs something manageable but ever camera-ready for her close-ups. This invariably ends up as skinny black jeans (seriously, who can remember how we ever lived without these darlings??) with a simple vest top, leather jacket, & a bouffant evocative of Priscilla Presley: half up-half down, long black hair.

Ece Sukan, former model, now owner of a hot vintage boutique in Istanbul, brings a more sophisticated look to the table. Her inspiration comes not only from the Middle East, but also from the catwalks of Paris & Milan (where, let’s face it, we’re not expecting Jessica or Audrina to show up anytime soon). Her over-the-knee leather boots kick ass, & her idea of throwing on a gold chainmail dress in autumn simply rocks us crazy.

If you really want to be daring, get a tattoo.

Just don’t go all Angelina on us.

Audrina with a hard-ass caffeine infused beverage:

Jessica mixes black & yellow & avoids bumblebee syndrome:

Sequins don't have to be all sugarsweet - wear them in black:

Leather bags go with practically everything:

Audrina with a scary-looking tattoo man, gets a tattoo:

Celine, Fall/Winter 2008:

I’ve included some vids this time. Diesel are pretty much a definite source of inspiration when it comes to mixing high fashion with a more street-level leather chic:

Celine may not come to mind initially, but check out the long dark coats, chic yet edgy silhouettes, & funky platforms, especially on model Coco Rocha (the 7th look):

(note from ed: i'm working on embedding these!)

Picture/Video Sources:

Jessica Stroup in yellow skirt:

Jessica Stroup in black dress:

Jessica Stroup in black hotpants:

Audrina with leather bag:

Audrina gets a tattoo:

Audrina with drink:

Celine pic:

Ece Sukan, leading pic:

Ece Sukan/Jim Goldstein:

Diesel fashion show, from youtube:

Celine video, Elle magazine on youtube:

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